TITLE: Former Students Crossing the Divide AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: July 11, 2009 10:57 AM DESC: ----- BODY: What a summer for UNI CS alumni in academia! In the last few weeks, Andrew Drenner and Ryan Dixon both defended their Ph.D. dissertations, at the University of Minnesota and UC-Santa Barbara, respectively. Currently Andrew is currently working with a robotics start-up spun off from his research lab, and Ryan is enjoying a short break before starting full-time at Apple next month. I had the great fortune to work with Andrew and Ryan throughout their undergraduate years, in several courses and projects each. Some students are different from the rest, and these guys distinguished themselves immediately not only by their creativity and diligence but also by their tremendous curiosity. When a person with deep curiosity also has the desire to work hard to find answers, stand back. It is neat to see them both expanding what we know about topics they were working on as undergrads. Indeed, Ryan's project at Apple is very much in the spirit of his undergrad research project, which I was honored to supervise. Congratulations, gentlemen! Many of your friends and family may think that this means you are no longer students. But you are really joining a new fraternity of students. We are honored to have you among us. -----