TITLE: A Month of Running, and Not Running AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: December 03, 2009 5:42 PM DESC: ----- BODY: It has been over five weeks since my blog entry on running. Why? At first, I was recovering from running a marathon and didn't have much to say: a few extra days off, a few fewer miles, but mostly a natural recovery. Then, three weeks ago or so, I came down with a little cold that now seems to be more of the same of what I was feeling most of last year and earlier this year. That's been disheartening, both because it has cut into my running and because it raises the specter of a longer down time. On top of that, the last bout of this ended without resolution, so who knows how my health will be in the coming months. At this point, I am on track to to reach my 2008 mileage in 2009, as long as I can get back to even some low-mileage weeks to finish off December. That might make for a nice psychological boost. I did smile last month when I read tweets and blog posts reporting on the unofficial RubyConf 5K Run, which I first saw mentioned a couple of months back. Awesome. I run solo at so many conferences; it would be great to have some company. A couple of my students have been following the Couch to 5K program that some of the Rubyists used to get ready for the fun run. Again, awesome. I'm glad to see folks making changes to live healthier lives, and running has given me a lot of happy hours -- and burned a lot of calories for me! If the 5K becomes a regular event, it provides one more good reason for me to attend RubyConf -- if I can ever afford it... -----