TITLE: 2009 Running Year in Review AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: December 31, 2009 2:59 PM DESC: ----- BODY: I never wrote a Running Year in Review for 2008, though I threatened to. What was there to say after my Running Half-Year in Review from July 2008? I had a lost summer and a year distinguished mostly by not running. I did manage to get in three miles on December 30, which got me over the 1100 mile mark for the year, reminiscent of the last day of 2007. Unfortunately, nearly 500 of those miles came in the first four months of the year. 2009 has been an unusual year. I had only one long stretch of not running, with but three miles for the year as late as February 9, but I had four other weeks of zeros due to health. I also had a difficult time doing more than 15-20 miles a week without having a tough week to follow. Finally, speed may not kill me, but it knocks me down. I have not run a truly fast interval work-out in over two years. Yet I look to my running log and am happy to realize that I ran five races this year: The three weeks after the marathon were normal recovery weeks, but then came six weeks of lower mileage and higher fatigue. I lost last week to a cold, but have been doing some short, slow miles this week, both indoor and out. After this morning's four miles, the log 1128.8 miles for the year. This isn't much more than last year's total, but it feels a lot different. I managed two sustained periods of training, with a faster pace at least one day a week. My marathon training contained fewer days and fewer miles than ever before, yet it was steady and progressive. I will use it as a template for a spring training session and see where it takes me. All in all, a mixed year with plenty of ups to keep me hopeful and eager. Bring on 2010. -----