TITLE: Another Running Month in Review AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 28, 2010 7:33 PM DESC: ----- BODY: A month still hardly deserves its own review, but two months in a row of steady running and mileage on the rise leave me feeling a little tired but back in something of a groove. February began with a week of light recovery at 24 miles followed by weeks of 29, 32.3, and 32.6 miles. The last two weeks I bumped my Sunday long run to 10 miles and felt good afterwards. My body is even beginning to respond with some speed. The big change this month has been a return outdoors. I tired of running indoors and tried a few more 15-degree days, then a few 10s, and finally even a couple days down around the 0-degree mark -- and found I enjoyed them! Two years of difficult running off and on had killed my hardiness. Now I feel it coming back strong. It probably sounds insane to when I say I enjoyed a run this week at 4 degrees below zero, but I did! I'm not quite back into the mid-30s for weekly mileage, which was my ambitious hope at the end of last month, but I can imagine it happening soon. The weather is slowly, imperceptibly, turning to spring, which means more and more good mornings to run outdoors. This week I plan a few adjustments to my weekly schedule in anticipation of a few days on the road in Milwaukee for SIGCSE 2010 followed by a few days in St. Louis on spring break with my family. Running in other places invigorates me, and I look forward to some new sights as spring comes alive. -----