TITLE: A Knowing-and-Doing Gathering at SIGCSE? AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 08, 2010 8:41 PM DESC: ----- BODY: SIGCSE 2010 logo I'm off tomorrow to SIGCSE. I'm looking forward to several events, among them the media computation workshop, the New Educators Roundtable, several sessions on programming languages and compilers, and especially a keynote address by physics Nobel laureate Carl Wiemann, who lots to say about using science to teach science. It should be a busy and fun week. A couple of readers have indicated interest in visiting with me over a coffee break at the conference. Reader Matthew Hertz suggested something more: an informal meeting of Knowing and Doing readers. The lack of comments on this blog notwithstanding, I love hearing from readers, whether they have ideas to share or concerns with my frequently sketchy logic. As a reader myself, I often like to put a face on the authors I read. A few readers of this blog feel the same. My guess is that readers of my blog probably have a lot in common, and they might gain as much from meeting each other as meeting me! So. If you are interested in meeting up with me at SIGCSE, partaking in an informal gathering of Knowing and Doing readers, or both, drop me a line by e-mail or on Twitter @wallingf. I'll gauge interest and let everyone know the verdict. I'm sure that, if there's interest, we can find a time and space to connect. -----