TITLE: SIGCSE Day 3 -- Interdisciplinary Research AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 28, 2010 6:15 PM DESC: ----- BODY:

[A transcript of the SIGCSE 2010 conference: Table of Contents]

My SIGCSE seem to come to an abrupt end Saturday morning. After a week of long days, I skipped a last run in Milwaukee and slept in a bit. The front desk messed up my bill, so I spent forty-five minutes wangling for my guaranteed rate. As a result, I missed the Nifty Assignments session and arrived just in time for some time meeting with colleagues at the exhibits during the morning break. This left me time for one last session before my planned pre-luncheon departure. I chose to attend the special session called Interdisciplinary Computing Education for the Challenges of the Future, with representatives of the National Science Foundation who have either carried out funded interdisciplinary research or who have funded and managed interdisciplinary programs. The purpose of the session was to discuss...
... the top challenges and potential solutions to the problem of educating students to develop interdisciplinary computing skills. This includes a computing perspective to interdisciplinary problems that enables us to think deeply about difficult problems and at the same time engage well under differing disciplinary perspectives.
This session contributed to the conference buzz of computer science looking outward, both for research and education. I found it quite interesting and, of course, think the problems it discussed are central to what people in CS should be thinking about these days. I only wish my mind had been more into the talk that morning. Three ideas stayed with me as my conference closed: This panel was a most excellent way to end my conference, with many thoughts about how to work with CS colleagues to develop projects that engage colleagues in other disciplines. Pretty soon after the close of this session I was on the road home, whether repacked my bags and headed off for a few days of spring break with my family in St. Louis. This trip was a wonderful break, though ten days too early to see my UNI Panthers end their breakout season with an amazing run. -----