TITLE: Good Thing I Can Program... AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: May 28, 2010 4:48 PM DESC: ----- BODY: A friend and colleague sent me this:
So I had a very strange dream last night. I almost never remember dreams, so this was worth bringing up. You were in grad school ..., getting a second PhD (I think in psychology). I was there visiting you. You were single for some reason. Anyway, while I was there, you were accused of murdering another graduate student. The big evidence that they had of this was a video recording of you and your rock band (you were the lead singer) rehearsing for a gig. The other graduate student (Chinese girl) had been in the band, and suddenly she was totally missing from the video and your microphone was stained red. You and I had gotten a copy of the recording and were running from investigators. We finally got to a video editing lab on campus and were trying to figure out what was going on. We found a spot where the recording had clearly been edited. We were in the midst of finding the original recording when I woke up. Boy would I like to have someone who interprets dreams take a whack at this one.
After I finish off my second Ph.D., I'm sure I'll be able to help with that. It is perhaps sad that I am more interesting in my dreams than in real life, and sadder that I am more interesting in other people's dreams than in my own. It's good to know that my ability to analyze video as data may well help me clear my good name! -----