TITLE: Strange Loops AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 08, 2010 3:53 PM DESC: ----- BODY: StrangeLoop 2010 logo As busy as things are here with class and department duties, I am excited to be heading to StrangeLoop 2010 next week. The conference description sounds like it is right up my alley:
Strange Loop is a developer-run software conference. Innovation, creativity, and the future happen in the magical nexus "between" established areas. Strange Loop eagerly promotes a mix of languages and technologies in this nexus, bringing together the worlds of bleeding edge technology, enterprise systems, and academic research. Of particular interest are new directions in data storage, alternative languages, concurrent and distributed systems, front-end web, semantic web, and mobile apps.
One of the reasons I've always liked OOPSLA is that it is about programming. It also mixes hard-core developers with academics, tools with theory. Unfortunately, I'll be missing OOPSLA (now called SPLASH) again this year. I hope that StrangeLoop will inspire me in a similar way. The range of technologies and speakers on the program tells me it probably will. 2010 Des Moines Marathon logo The day after I return from St. Louis, I hit the road again for the Des Moines Marathon, where I'll run strange loops of a different sort. My training has gone pretty well since the end of July, with mileage and speed work hitting targets I set back in June. Before my taper, I managed three weeks of 50 miles or more, including three 20+ mile long runs. Will that translate into a good race day? We never know. But I'm looking forward to the race, as well as the Saturday expo and dinner with a good buddy the night before. If nothing else, the marathon will give me a few hours to reflect on what I learn at StrangeLoop and to think about what I will do with it! -----