TITLE: Don't Forget to Solve Your Problem a Second Time AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: December 11, 2010 11:55 AM DESC: ----- BODY: The Toyota Production System encourages workers to solve every problem two ways. First, you fix the issue at hand. Second, you work back through the system to determine the systemic reason that the issue arose. In this way, you eliminate this as a problem in the future, or at least make it less likely. As I wrote recently, I don't think of writing software as a production process. But I do think that software developers can benefit from the "solve it twice" mentality. When we encounter a bug in our program or a design problem in our system or a delivery problem on a project, we should address the specific issue at hand. Then we should consider how we might prevent this sort of problem from recurring. There are several ways that we might improve: This approach would benefit us as university students and university professors, too. If students and professors thought more often in terms of continuous improvement and committed to fixing problems the second time, too, we might all have lower mean times to competence. -----