TITLE: Another Conference Changes Its Name AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 25, 2011 4:40 PM DESC: ----- BODY: Ralph Johnson reports that "the conference on aspect oriented software development is renaming itself to 'Modularity'", much as OOPSLA has become SPLASH. For the last couple of decades, computer science research has been focusing on more and more specific domains. The area of artificial intelligence, for example, soon spawned journals and conferences devoted specifically to sub-areas such as machine learning, expert systems, computer vision, and many others. It's interesting for me to see conferences such as AOSD and OOPSLA going the other direction, moving from the technology that spawned the conference in the first place to the more general idea or goal that motivates its community. Of course, these conferences aren't purely academic; they have always had a strong alliance between industry and academia. Perhaps that is one of the reasons they are willing to rebrand themselves. Certainly, the changing economic model that drives this sort of conference is playing a big role. By the way, Ralph's entry isn't really about the changing conference name. He merely uses that as a launching point for something more interesting: a first cut at cataloging different types of modularity. That is the best reason to read it! -----