TITLE: Agile Approaches and the Small AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 21, 2011 8:10 PM DESC: ----- BODY: Seth Godin recently blogged on the economies of small:
I think we embraced scale as a goal when the economies of that scale were so obvious that we didn't even need to mention them. Now that it's so much easier to produce a product in the small and market a product in the small, and now that it's so beneficial to offer a service to just a few, with focus and attention, perhaps we need to rethink the very goal of scale.
Agile approaches to software development exploit the economies of small: Traditional software engineering, based as it is on an engineering metaphor, seems invested in traditional economies of scale. That was a natural result of the metaphor bust also the tools of the time. Back when hardware and software made it more difficult to write software rapidly over short iterations, scale in the traditional sense -- large -- helped to make processes and maybe even people more efficient. Things have changed. -----