TITLE: Shopping Blog Entries to a Wider Audience AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 06, 2012 6:26 PM DESC: ----- BODY: Over the last couple of years, our university relations department has been trying to promote more actively the university's role in the public sphere. One element of this effort is pushing faculty work and professional commentary out into wider circulation. For example, before and after the recent presidential caucuses in Iowa, they helped connect local political science profs with media who were looking for professional commentary from in the trenches. Well, they have now discovered my blog and are interested in shopping several pieces of general interest to more traditional media outlets, such as national newspapers and professional magazines. Their first effort involves a piece I wrote about liberal education last month, which builds on two related pieces, here and here. I'm in the process of putting it into a form suitable for standalone publication. This includes polishing up some of the language, as well as not relying on links to other articles -- one of the great wins of the networked world. Another big win of the networked world is the ease with which we can get feedback and make our ideas and our writing better. If you have any suggestions for how I might improve the presentation of the ideas in these pieces, or even the ideas themselves, please let me know. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and willingness to discuss them with me. When I mentioned this situation in passing on Twitter recently, a former student asked whether my blog's being on the university's radar would cause me to write differently. The fact is that I always tried to respect my university, my colleagues, and my students when I write, and to keep their privacy and integrity in mind. This naturally results in some level of self-censorship. Still, I have always tried to write openly and honestly about what I think and learn. You can rest assured. This blog remains mine alone and will continue to speak in my voice. I will write as openly and honestly as ever. That is the only way that the things I write could ever be of much interest to readers such as you, let alone to me. -----