TITLE: Blogging from StrangeLoop AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: September 25, 2012 7:31 PM DESC: ----- BODY:
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This week I have the pleasure of spending a couple of days expanding my mind at StrangeLoop 2012. I like StrangeLoop because it's a conference for programmers. The program is filled with hot programming topics and languages, plus a few keynotes to punctuate our mental equilibria. The 2010 conference gave me plenty to think about, but I had to skip 2011 while teaching and recovering. This year was a must-see. I'll be posting the following entries from the conference as time permits me to write them. You can find links to other write-ups of the conference, as well as slides from some talks and other material, at the StrangeLoop 2012 github site. Now that the conference has ended, I can say with confidence that StrangeLoop 2012 was even better than StrangeLoop 2010. -----