TITLE: Programming Languages Quote of the Day AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: November 18, 2012 9:13 AM DESC: ----- BODY: ... comes from Gilad Bracha:
I firmly believe that a time traveling debugger is worth more than a boatload of language features[.]
This passage comes as part of a discussion of what it would take to make Bret Victor's vision of programming a reality. Victor demonstrates powerful ideas using "hand crafted illustrations of how such a tool might behave". Bracha, whose work on Smalltalk and Newspeak have long inspired me -- reflects on what it would take to offer Victor's powerful ideas in a general purpose programming environment. Smalltalk as a language and environment works at a level where we conceive of providing the support Victor and Bracha envision, but most of the language tools people use today are too far removed from the dynamic behavior of the programs being written. The debugger is the most notable example. Bracha suggests that we free the debugger from the constraints of time and make it a tool for guiding the evolution of the program. He acknowledges that he is not the first person to propose such an idea, pointing specifically to Bill Lewis's proposal for an omniscient debugger. What remains is the hard work needed to take the idea farther and provide programmers more transparent support for understanding dynamic behavior while still writing the code. -----