TITLE: Converting Lecture Notes into an Active Website AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: November 28, 2012 6:34 PM DESC: ----- BODY: ... in which the author seeks pointers to interactive Scheme materials on-line. Last summer, I fiddled around a bit with Scribble, a program for writing documentation in (and for) Racket. I considered using it to write the lecture notes and website for my fall OOP course, but for a variety of reasons set it aside.
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In the spring I'll be teaching Programming Languages again, and using Racket with my students. This seems like the perfect time to dive in and use Scribble and Slideshow to create all my course materials. This will create a synergy between what I do in class and how I prep, which will be good for me. Using Racket tools will also set a good example for my students. After seeing The Racket Way, Matthew Flatt's talk at StrangeLoop, I am inspired to do more than simply use Racket tools to create text and slides and web pages. I'd like to re-immerse myself in a world where everything is a program, or nearly so. This would set an even more important example for my students, and perhaps help them to see more clearly that they don't ever to settle for the programs, the tools, or the languages that people give them. That is the Computer Science way as well as the Racket way. I've also been inspired recently by the idea of an interactive textbook a lá Miller and Ranum. I have a pretty good set of lecture notes for Programming Languages, but the class website should be more than a 21st-century rendition of a 19th-century presentation. I think that using Scribble and Slideshow are a step in the right direction. So, a request: I am looking for examples of people using the Racket presentation tools to create web pages that have embedded Scheme REPLs, perhaps even a code stepper of the sort Miller and Ranum use for Python. Any pointers you might have are welcome. -----