TITLE: Agile Moments: Predicting What Users Want AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: December 27, 2012 12:08 PM DESC: ----- BODY:
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In this MacStories interview, Gus Mueller talks about the response to his latest release of VoodooPad.
Interest in VoodooPad 5 far surpassed my expectations for it. I know that VoodooPad has a lot of fans out there, but I guess I just hadn't heard from them in a while. People really seem to like the Markdown syntax support and the new JavaScript events system I've built in for customization. I also added ePub export to VP5 which I expected more interest in -- but that hasn't seem to materialized. I'm never very good at predicting which features people will like the most.
Gus is a Mac developer with a solid following and a couple of very popular titles, the wiki editor VoodooPad and the image editor Acorn. I am a long-time user of VoodooPad and an occasional user of Acorn's progenitor, FlySketch, and so have experienced firsthand Gus's open relationship with the users of his products. If even he can't predict which features his users will like most and least, there isn't a lot of hope for the rest of us. Our best strategy is to follow the agile advice: release often, get feedback soon and frequently, and learn from what our the users of our software tell us. -----