TITLE: Not So Random Sentences AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: May 08, 2013 12:11 PM DESC: ----- BODY: I start with a seemingly random set of sentences to blog about and, in the process of writing about them, find that perhaps they aren't so random after all. An Era of Sharing Our Stuff
Property isn't theft; property is an inefficient distribution of resources.
This assertion comes from an interesting article on "economies of scale as a service", in reaction to a Paul Graham tweet:
Will ownership turn out to be largely a hack people resorted to before they had the infrastructure to manage sharing properly?
Open-source software, the Creative Commons, crowdsourcing. The times they are a-changin'. An Era of Observing Ourselves
If the last century was marked by the ability to observe the interactions of physical matter -- think of technologies like x-ray and radar -- this century is going to be defined by the ability to observe people through the data they share.
... from The Data Made Me Do It. I'm not too keen on being "observed" via data by every company in the world, even as understand the value it can brings the company and even me. But I like very much the idea that I can observe myself more easily and more productively. For years, I collected and studied data about my running and used what I learned to train and race better. Programmers are able to do this better now than ever before. You can learn a lot just by watching. An Era of Thinking Like Scientist ... which leads to this line attributed to John C. Reynolds, an influential computer scientist who passed away recently:
Well, we know less than we did before, but more of what we know is actually true.
It's surprising how easy it is to know stuff when we don't have any evidence at all. Observing the world methodically, building models, and comparing them to what we observe in the future helps to know less of the wrong stuff and more of the right stuff. Not everyone need be a scientist, but we'd all be better off if more of us thought like a scientist more often. -----