TITLE: Happy in my App AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: July 01, 2013 11:10 AM DESC: ----- BODY: In a typically salty post, Jamie Zawinski expresses succinctly one of the tenets of my personal code:
I have no interest in reading my feeds through a web site (no more than I would tolerate reading my email that way, like an animal).
Living by this code means that, while many of my friends and readers are gnashing their teeth on this first of July, my life goes on uninterrupted. I remain a happy long-time user of NetNewsWire (currently, v3.1.6). Keeping my feeds in sync with NetNewsWire has always been a minor issue, as I run the app on at least two different computers. Long ago, I wrote a couple of extremely simple scripts -- long scp commands, really -- that do a pretty good job. They don't give me thought-free syncing, but that's okay. A lot of people tell me that apps are dead, that the HTML5-powered web is the future. I do know that we're very quickly running out of stuff we can't do in the browser and applaud the people who are making that happen. If I were a habitual smartphone-and-tablet user, I suspect that I would be miffed if web sites made me download an app just to read their web content. All that said, though, I still like what a clean, simple app gives me. -----