TITLE: Programming for Everyone, Venture Capital Edition AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: July 03, 2013 10:22 AM DESC: ----- BODY: Christina Cacioppo left Union Square Ventures to learn how to program:
Why did I want to do something different? In part, because I wanted something that felt more tangible. But mostly because the story of the internet continues to be the story of our time. I'm pretty sure that if you truly want to follow -- or, better still, bend -- that story's arc, you should know how to write code.
So, rather than settle for her lot as a non-programmer, beyond the accepted school age for learning these things -- technology is a young person's game, you know -- Cacioppo decided to learn how to build web apps. And build one.
When did we decide our time's most important form of creation is off-limits? How many people haven't learned to write software because they didn't attend schools that offered those classes, or the classes were too intimidating, and then they were "too late"? How much better would the world be if those people had been able to build their ideas?
Yes, indeed. These days, she is enjoying the experience of making stuff: trying ideas out in code, discarding the ones that don't work, and learning new things every day. Sounds like a programmer to me. -----