TITLE: Back from StrangeLoop 2013 AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: September 22, 2013 10:27 AM DESC: ----- BODY:
the front of my StrangeLoop 2013 badge
I'm back home for StrangeLoop 2013. It was, again, an outstanding conference: a great location, excellent amenities, fun side events, and -- most importantly -- a solid set of talks: diverse topics, strong technical content, and a some very good speakers. Alex Miller and his team put on a good conference. This year, I went to the talks old school: with a steno notebook and no technology but a camera. As a result, a couple of things are different about how I'm blogging the conference. First, I did not write or post any entries during the event itself. Second, my notes are a bit shorter than usual and will need to be typed up before they become blog entries. I'll write my thoughts up over the next week or so and post the entries as they emerge. This entry will serve as a table of contents for my StrangeLoop posts, a home base for readers who might stumble onto one post and care to read more. For now, I'll list a few entries I expect to write, but I'll only know what belongs here after I have written them. Primary entries: Ancillary entries: Is it too early to start looking forward to StrangeLoop 2014? -----