TITLE: An Unusual Day AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: November 09, 2013 12:25 PM DESC: ----- BODY: My university is hosting an on-campus day to recruit HS students and transfer students today. At a day like this, I usually visit with one or two potential majors and chat with one or two others who might be interested in a CS or programming class. All are usually men. Today was unusual. Eight people visited the department to learn about the major. I spoke with three people who intend to major in other areas, such as accounting and physics, and want to take a minor in CS. I spoke with a current English major here is set to graduate in May but now is thinking about employability and considering picking up a second degree in CS. I spoke with three female students who are interested in CS. These include the English major and a student who has taken several advanced math courses at a good private school nearby, really likes them, and is thinking of combining math and CS in a major here. The third is a high school freshman who has taken taken all the tech courses available at her schools, helps the tech teacher with the schools computers, and wants to learn more. She told me, "I just think it would be cool to write programs and make things happen." Some recruiting days are better than others. This is one. -----