TITLE: Things That Make Me Sigh AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 02, 2014 5:19 PM DESC: ----- BODY: In a recent article unrelated to modern technology or the so-called STEM crisis, a journalist writes:
Apart from mathematics, which demands a high IQ, and science, which requires a distinct aptitude, the only thing that normal undergraduate schooling prepares a person for is... more schooling.
Sigh. On the one hand, this seems to presume that one need neither a high IQ nor any particular aptitude to excel in any number of non-math and science disciplines. On the other, it seems to say that if one does not have the requisite characteristics, which are limited to a lucky few, one need not bother with computer science, math or science. Best become a writer or go into public service, I guess. I actually think that the author is being self-deprecating, at least in part, and that I'm probably reading too much into one sentence. It's really intended as a dismissive comment on our education system, the most effective outcome of which often seems to be students who are really good at school. Unfortunately, the attitude expressed about math and science is far too prevalent, even in our universities. It demeans our non-scientists as well as our scientists and mathematicians. It also makes it even harder to convince younger students that, with a little work and practice, they can achieve satisfying lives and careers in technical disciplines. Like I said, sigh. -----