TITLE: Eccentric Internet Holdout Delbert T. Quimby AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 05, 2014 4:08 PM DESC: ----- BODY: Back in a July 2006 entry, I mentioned a 1995 editorial cartoon by Ed Stein, then of the Rocky Mountain News. The cartoon featured "eccentric Internet holdout Delbert T. Quimby", contentedly passing another day non-digitally, reading a book in his den and drinking a glass of wine. It's always been a favorite of mine. The cartoon had at least one other big fan. He looked for it on the web but had no luck finding it. When he googled the quote, though, there my blog entry was. Recently, his wife uncovered a newspaper clipping of the cartoon, and he remembered the link to my blog post. In an act of unprovoked kindness, he sent me a scan of the cartoon. So, 7+ years later, here it is:
Eccentric Internet holdout Delbert T. Quimby passes yet another day non-digitally.
The web really is an amazing place. Thanks, Duncan. In 1995, being an Internet holdout was not quite as radical as it would be today. I'm guessing that most of the holdouts in 2014 are Of A Certain Age, remembering a simpler time when information was harder to come. To avoid the Internet and the web entirely these days is to miss out on a lot of life. Even so, I am eccentric enough still to appreciate time off-line, a good book in my hand and a beverage at my side. Like my digital devices, I need to recharge every now and then. (Right now, I am re-reading David Lodge's Small World. It's fun to watch academics made good sport of.) -----