TITLE: Knowing and Doing in the Wild, Antifragile Edition AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 27, 2014 7:20 PM DESC: ----- BODY:
a passage from Taleb's 'Antifragile' that mentions knowing and doing
Reader Aaron Friel was reading Taleb's Antifragile and came across a passage that brought to mind this blog. Because of "modernity's connectivity, and the newfound invisibility of causal chains", Taleb says, ...
The intellectual today is vastly more powerful and dangerous than before. The "knowledge world" causes separation of knowing and doing (within the same person) and leads to the fragility of society.
He wondered if this passage was the source of the title of my blog. Knowing and Doing predates Taleb's book by nearly decade, so it wasn't the source. But the idea expressed in this passage was certainly central to how the blog got its name. I hoped to examine the relationship between knowing and doing, and in particular the danger of separating them in the classroom or in the software studio. So, I'm happy to have someone make a connection to this passage. Even so, I still lust after naming my blog The Euphio Question. RIP, Mr. Vonnegut. -----