TITLE: Strange Loop 2014 Videos Are Up AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: September 22, 2014 10:33 AM DESC: ----- BODY:
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Wow. Strange Loop just ended Friday evening, and already videos of nearly all the talks are available on a YouTube channel. (A few have been delayed at the speaker's request.) I regret missing the conference this year. I've been a regular attendee over the years and much enjoyed last year's edition. But it's probably just as well that the tickets sold out before I bought mine. My intro course has kept me pedaling full speed since school started, and I would have regretted missing a lab day and a class session just as we are getting to the meat of the course. I followed along with the conference on Twitter as time permitted. The video titles foreshadow the usual treasure trove of Strange Loop content. It would be easier to list the talks I don't want to watch than the ones I do. A few I'll watch early on include Stephen Kell's "Liberating the Smalltalk Lurking in C and Unix", Stefanie Schirmer's "Dynamic Programming At Ease", Mark Allen's "All Of This Has Happened Before, and It Will All Happen Again", Julia Evans's "You Can Be a Kernel Hacker!", and Michael Nygard's "Simulation Testing". An underrated advantage of actually attending a conference is not being able to be in two places at one time. Having to make a choice is sometimes a good thing; it helps us to preserve limited resources. The downside to the wonderfulness of having all the videos available on-line, for viewing at my leisure, is that I want to watch them all -- and I don't have enough leisure! -----