TITLE: Assorted Quotes AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 17, 2014 3:05 PM DESC: ----- BODY: ... on how the world evolves. On the evolution of education in the Age of the Web. Tyler Cowen, in Average Is Over, via The Atlantic:
It will become increasingly apparent how much of current education is driven by human weakness, namely the inability of most students to simply sit down and try to learn something on their own.
I'm curious whether we'll ever see a significant change in the number of students who can and do take the reins for themselves. On the evolution of the Web. Jon Udell, in A Web of Agreements and Disagreements:
The web works as well as it does because we mostly agree on a set of tools and practices. But it evolves when we disagree, try different approaches, and test them against one another in a marketplace of ideas. Citizens of a web-literate planet should appreciate both the agreements and the disagreements.
Some disagreements are easier to appreciate after they fade into history. On the evolution of software. Nat Pryce on the Twitter, via The Problematic Culture of "Worse is Better":
Eventually a software project becomes a small amount of useful logic hidden among code that copies data between incompatible JSON libraries
Not all citizens of a web-literate planet appreciate disagreements between JSON libraries. Or Ruby gems. On the evolution of start-ups. Rands, in The Old Guard:
... when [the Old Guard] say, "It feels off..." what they are poorly articulating is, "This process that you're building does not support one (or more) of the key values of the company."
I suspect the presence of incompatible JSON libraries means that our software no longer supports the key values of our company. -----