TITLE: "I Just Need a Programmer", Screenplay Edition AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: June 02, 2015 1:46 PM DESC: ----- BODY: Noted TV writer, director, producer, and blogger Ken Levine takes on a frequently-asked question in the latest edition of his "Friday Questions" feature:
I have a great idea for a movie, but I'm not a writer, I'm not in show biz, and I don't live in New York or LA. What do I do with this great idea? (And I'm sure you've never heard this question before, right?)
Levine is gentle in response:
This question does come up frequently. I wish I had a more optimistic answer. But the truth is execution is more valued than ideas. ...
Is there any domain where this isn't true? Yet professionals in every domain seem to receive this question all the time. I certainly receive the "I just need a programmer..." phone call or e-mail every month. If I went to cocktail parties, maybe I'd hear it at them, too. The bigger the gap between idea and product, the more valuable, relatively speaking, execution is than having ideas. For many app ideas, executing the idea is not all that far beyond the reach of many people. Learn a little Objective C, and away you go. In three or four years, you'll be set! By comparison, writing a screenplay that anyone in Hollywood will look at (let alone turn into a blockbuster film) seems like Mount Everest. -----