TITLE: Echoes: Symbols and Stories AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: July 07, 2015 2:09 PM DESC: ----- BODY: Kevin Lawler, in Invention:
Steve Jobs gets credit for a lot of things he didn't do. Jobs himself said it best: "People like symbols, so I'm the symbol of certain things." Sometimes that means using Jobs as a stand-in for the many designers who work at Apple. Jobs usually makes for a good story. We like narratives, and we can build several entertaining ones around Jobs. Telling stories lets us gloss over other people by attributing their work to one person.
Peter Sheridan Dodds, in Homo Narrativus and the Trouble with Fame:
These two traits -- our compulsion to tell stories and our bias towards the individual -- conspire to ruin our intuitive understanding of fame.
The symbols we create and the stories we tell intertwine. Knowing that we are biased cognitively to treat them in a particular puts us in a better position to overcome the bias. -----