TITLE: 'Send' Is The Universal Verb AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: July 21, 2015 3:02 PM DESC: ----- BODY: In the mid-1980s, Ray Ozzie left IBM with the idea of creating an all-in-one software platform for business collaboration, based on his experience using the group messaging system in the seminal computer-assisted instruction system Plato. Ozzie's idea eventually became Lotus Notes. This platform lives on today in an IBM product, but it never had the effect that Ozzie envisioned for it. In Office, Messaging, and Verbs, Benedict Evans tells us that Ozzie's idea is alive and well and finally taking over the world -- in the form of Facebook:
But today, Facebook's platform on the desktop is pretty much Ray Ozzie's vision built all over again but for consumers instead of enterprise and for cat pictures instead of sales forecasts -- a combination of messaging with embedded applications and many different data types and views for different tasks.
"Office, Messaging, and Verbs" is an engaging essay about how collaborative work and the tools we use to do it co-evolve, changing each other in turn. You need a keyboard to do the task at hand... But is the task at hand your job, or is it merely the way you do your job today? The answer depends on where you are on the arc of evolution. Alas, most days I need to create or consume a spreadsheet or two. Spreadsheets are not my job, but they are way people in universities and most other corporate entities do too many of their jobs these days. So, like Jack Lemmon in The Apartment, I compute my cell's function and pass it along to the next person in line. I'm ready for us to evolve further down the curve. ~~~~ Note: I added the Oxford comma to Evans's original title. I never apologize for inserting an Oxford comma. -----