TITLE: Marick's Law AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 08, 2015 4:20 PM DESC: ----- BODY: This morning, I wanted to send Michael Feathers a link to Marick's Law. The only link I could find to it was a tweet of Brian's. This law is too important to be left vulnerable to the vagaries of an internet service, so let's give it a permanent home:
In software, anything of the form "X's Law" is better understood by replacing the word "Law" with "Fervent Desire".
This is a beautiful observation, lovingly and consciously self-referential. I think of it almost daily. Use it well.


Historical note.    When I searched for Marick's Law, I did find reference to another law going by the same name. Uncle Bob calls this Marick's Law: "When it comes to code, it never pays to rush." This is a useful aphorism as well, and perhaps Brian once called it Marick's Law, too. Uncle Bob's post is dated November 2008. Brian's coining tweet is dated April 2009. I'm going to stick with the first-person post as definitive and observe that Brian, like Whitman, is large and contains multitudes. I cannot help but notice that we can and should apply the definitive Marick's Law to the secondhand quote given by Uncle Bob. Many of us fervently desire it to be true that, when it comes to code, it never pays to rush. If it's not, then many of our best practices need an overhaul. Besides, we fear deep in our hearts that sometimes it probably does pay to rush. -----