TITLE: Perfection Is Not A Pre-Requisite To Accomplishing Something Impressive AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 15, 2015 8:18 AM DESC: ----- BODY: In Not Your Typical Role Model, mathematician Hannah Fry tells us some of what she learned about Ada Lovelace, "the 19th century programmer", while making a film about her. Not all of it was complimentary. She concludes:
Ada was very, very far from perfect, but perfection is not a pre-requisite to accomplishing something impressive. Our science role models shouldn't always be there to celebrate the unachievable.
A lot of accomplished men of science were far from perfect role models, too. In the past, we've often been guilty of covering up bad behavior to protect our heroes. These days, we sometimes rush to judge them. Neither inclination is healthy. By historical standards, it sounds like Lovelace's imperfections were all too ordinary. She was human, like us all. Lovelace thought some amazing things and wrote them down for us. Let's celebrate that. -----