TITLE: To Founders in Search of Patience and Low Costs AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: August 11, 2016 10:49 AM DESC: ----- BODY: Nils Pihl, CEO at Traintracks.io, writes about the benefits of launching the start-up in Beijing:
It took two years of hard work and late nights at the whiteboard to build a prototype of something we knew we could be proud of -- and what Silicon Valley investor would agree to fund something that would take two years to release? Not only that, but it would have cost us roughly 6 times as much money to develop it in Silicon Valley -- for no immediate benefit.
If moving to Beijing is not an option for you, fear not. You do not have to travel that far to find patient investors, great programmers, and low cost of living. Try Des Moines. Or St. Louis. Or Indianapolis. Or, if you must live in a Major World City, try Chicago. Even my small city can offer a good starting point, though programmers are not as plentiful as we might like. The US Midwest has a lot of advantages for founders, but none of the smog you'll find in Beijing and much shorter commutes than you will find in all the places people tell you you have to go. -----