TITLE: Hidden Figures, Douglas Engelbart Edition AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 18, 2017 11:42 AM DESC: ----- BODY: At one point in this SOHP interview, Douglas Engelbart describes his work at the Ames Research Center after graduating from college. He was an electrical engineer, building and maintaining wind tunnels, paging systems, and other special electronics. Looking to make a connection between this job and his future work, the interviewer asked, "Did they have big computers running the various operations?" Engelbart said:
I'll tell you what a computer was in those days. It was an underpaid woman sitting there with a hand calculator, and they'd have rooms full of them, that's how they got their computing done. So you'd say, "What's your job?" "I'm a computer."
Later in the interview, Engelbart talks about how his experience working with radar in the Navy contributed to his idea for a symbol-manipulating system that could help people deal with complexity and urgency. He viewed the numeric calculations done by the human computers at Ames as being something different. Still, I wonder how much this model of parallel computing contributed to his ideas, if only implcitly. -----