Graduate Programs in CS

We currently offer two degrees, a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Arts in Computer Science Education.

Master of Science in Computer Science

This M.S. program is designed to foster preparation for applied professional careers in the computing sciences. The program emphasizes concentration in a professional sub-discipline, while at the same time providing enough breadth and theory to enable the graduate to adapt to developments in the discipline as a whole. Areas of concentration currently available include artificial intelligence, computer science education, computer systems, information storage and retrieval, and software engineering.

A minimum of 33 semester hours is required for completion of the M.S. program. At least eighteen hours must be earned in courses at the 200-level or above, and at least six hours must be earned in courses offered by departments other than Computer Science.

Courses in the student's concentration provide in-depth knowledge of one of the professional sub-disciplines of computer science. Elective courses provide breadth in appropriate areas outside the student's concentration.

Students may select a thesis or non-thesis option. Those who select the thesis option will be required to complete at least six hours of thesis research credit. Those who select the non-thesis option must complete a six credit-hour software development project. For both the thesis and non-thesis options, students must pass an oral examination in defense of their final project.

Bachelor's-level experience in computer science is suggested for program admission, but students from related disciplines who show outstanding promise are also encouraged to apply. Students without a bachelor's degree in computer science may be required to complete up to fourteen hours of course work in the discipline before gaining full admission to the program.

        Computer Science Breadth:
           810:240 Computer Systems                      3 hours
           810:270 Algorithms                            3 hours
           810:280 Theoretical Foundations of Computing  3 hours
        Concentration Area                              15 hours
     Electives                                           9 hours
     Total                                              33 hours

Master of Arts in Computer Science Education

The Master of Arts in Computer Science Education is a professionally-oriented graduate program that provides quality instruction in computer science for both teachers and non-teachers alike. The program is suitable for students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than computer science. Up to 27 of the 33 required hours of study can be traditional computer science courses.

A number of specialty areas may be pursued in the masters program. Faculty in the department specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, information retrieval, and computer science education. Students whose background approximates a bachelor's degree in computer science should be able to finish the degree requirements in three or four academic semesters. Students with little or no background will probably need to take preparatory work that will require additional time. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available.

         Computer Science:                              18 hours
            Must include 810:251 (3 hrs) and
            either 810:253 or 810:255 (3 hrs)
    Electives:                                          15 hours
        Computer Science: any graduate-credit course 
        Other: Any computer or instruction-related
               courses appropriate to student goals            
    Total:                                              33 hours

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