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PLoP'00 Submissions
PLoP'00 Registration
EuroPLoP 2000
EuroPLoP 2000: Submissions

Elementary Patterns

Elementary Patterns
Inherit Dont Branch
Alyce Brady's Elementary Patterns Page
Viera Proulx's Pattern Work
Using Patterns in the First Courses in CS
Coding Patterns
Quantifications: A Pattern Language for Elementary Programming Relying on a Taxonomy of Problems

"Refactoring" at Amazon
First Year Instruction: FYI 2000
Floriane Marande
My Swiki
My "Books of Bokonon"
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Information Providers

Uncover Login
Search the Bible
ONElist E-mail Communities
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
UNI Policies and Procedures
Cora Research Paper Search

053 and Java

UI Class: Tutorial Documentation
CSE 126 - Introduction to Computer Science
Doc for a Basic IO Package
JValue, a framework for Value Objects in Java
Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents
380 Java Users Group
Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition, Download
JavaCC Documentation
SDSU Java Library
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
BlueJ - Teaching Java
SILK: Scheme In Fifty KB (in Java)
Rethinking CS101: Home Page
Proposed XP Experiments
Developer - MRJ Software Download
The JavaTools Project
WG2 ITICSE99 under construction
Clancy's Cat and Mouse Assignment
David Yuen's Home Page
Sort Algorithm Demo
The Eight-Queens Puzzle
Recursive Data Types in Java
JPython: Python in Java
Tcl in Java
Skij : Scheme in Java
Java Programmer's FAQ
Just Java
Java Package Index
Java -- Stinky Programming Language
Java -- Othello "Mind"
Alistair's OOD Article
CPS 108 Software Design and Implementation
Troy's Budd Code
Emacs JDE Home Page
Java Education - Introduction to Java Online Course
Doing Two or More Tasks At Once: Threads
Everything About Objects
Smalltalk to Java
DeepFrozen: An email chess tool written in Java
Java(tm) Developers Kit Installation
Intro to OO—with Design!
Guzdial OOD Course
4. HCI the O-O Way: Count's User Interface
UNIX User Guide

OO and Patterns

Computer Algebra Objects HomePage
Annotated Bib on OOA/D
Refactoring Browser
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Smalltalk Compiler
Smalltalk Chronicles: Volume Two, Issue One, March 2000
Test Infected:
The Squeak Archive at UIUC
Patterns for Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Systems
A new approach to an object-first introductory course in Computer Science
GOF Pursuit
Design Patterns
That's All, Folks
Blue Book
Draft Chapters of Noble and Weir
Alan Keyes, Al Gore, Bill Bradley, David McReynolds, Donald Trump, Gary L. Bauer, George W. Bush, Harry Browne, John Hagelin, John S. McCain, Steve Forbes Jr., Orrin Hatch, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Warren Beatty., Compare, Comparison, Contrast, Weigh against, vote 2000, Choose PRESIDENT, candidates, USA select PRESIDENT decide, election, vote, recommend
Refactoring Browser Port
Squeak Smalltalk: A Quick Reference
Squeak Language Definition
PatternStories: Front Page
VisualWorks: VisualWorks XML Framework
SqueakEnd '00
CampSmalltalk: The CampSmalltalk 2000 story
Guzdial's Squeak Textbook Draft
Guzdial Textbook Draft
CS497 lectures
Squeak T-Shirt Site
Squeak Smalltalk: A Quick Reference
KoalaPLoP 2000
Argo/UML: Free Object-Oriented Design Tool w/ Cognitive Support
SIGCSE 2000 Workshop Proposal on Using Patterns in the CS Curriculum
Self Home Page
Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Smalltalk
Directory of /pub/Smalltalk/MANCHESTER/manchester/4.1/lisp
Dirk Riehle's Home Page
C++ Language, Style and Idioms
Ootips - Object Orientation Tips
Beck and Gamma's "Test Infected"
Brian Foote's Papers
Formal And Precise Patterns Representation Languages Page
Early Object-Oriented Design Education
Object-orientedprogramming using C
Object Oriented Programming in C
Joe's Object-Oriented Mapping Pages
Tim Rowledge's Squeak page


Patterns: Catalog of NonSoftware Examples - AGCS
Pattern language for object-based programming
Links2Go: Patterns
Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology
Interaction Design Patterns
James Noble's Homepage
Floating Facade Design Pattern
Industrial Experience with Design Patterns
Pattern Depot
Silicon Valley Patterns
A Learning Guide To Design Patterns
Cope's On-Line Bibliography
The Structure of Pattern Languages
Feature Extraction--A Pattern for Information Retrieval
Bobby Woolf Home
The Structured Matcher Pattern
Loop Patterns
The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE)
Interaction Design Patterns
Riehle's Publication Index


Alistair's Coffee Machine, Part 1
Alistair's Coffee Machine, Part 2
Rob Martin's Payroll Case Study, Part 1
Rob Martin's Payroll Case Study, Part 2
Mark Grand, Java & OO Consultant/Instructor
Ralph's Swiki for OOD Course
A Laboratory For Teaching Object-Oriented Thinkin
OOPSLA 97 Workshop
DesignFest '97 Home Page


Squeak: Goodies and Toys
squeakersweb: Front Page
Josh's Squeak Smalltalk Page
Been There, Done That
squeak messages 4560-4573 of 4573
Fun with the Morphic Graphics System I
The Squeaky way of Code
BankAccount Tutorial
The Newbie Home Page
The Home Page of Multilingualized Squeak
Tips and Tricks
Squeak Shares Soar!
Squeak Online Book Contents
api: Front Page
SUnit Test Suite for Squeak
Scamper at Squeak
Refactoring Browser
Squeak Online Book
The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Squeak Primitives
Tools in Squeak (incl. Refactoring Browser)
Guzdial's Squeak Goodies
Open Directory - Computers:Programming Languages:Squeak
Squeak Wiki
Building a Squeak 2.3 VM for the Mac
Squeak - Squeak! - The Mouse goes from strength to strength ... Overview
Ian Bicking's Homepage
Squeak at Hal
SqueakDoc: Front Page
Standalone Squeak Applications
MiniSqueak2.2 (for PDAs, but...)
Squeak Practical Wizardry
Squeak Mail Thread Index


Smalltalk-76 Programming System
Why VisualWorks Is Better Than Java
Smalltalk Chronicles
Smalltalk Online
ObjectGraph - a SmallTalk Rooted Graph Widget
Tail recursion in Smalltalk
Smalltalk-80 Blue Book On-Line

Alan Kay

EDUCAUSE Publications: Educom Review March/April, 1999
2.01: Kay + Hillis
MBA 604 Orange Seeds: Revealing the Elephant: The Use and Misuse of Computers in Education
Powerful Ideas Need Love Too!
A bicycle for the mind

The Cathedral and the Bazaar
The Vitruvius Project
Software Postmortems
Ralph E. Johnson
Ward's Personal Pages
FrontPage in
SMAP Homepage


Useless Use of Cat Award
Borland C++ Compiler 5.5
GRASP : Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures and Processes
StarLogo for Java
A Better Finder Creators & Types
Software Licensed Only for UNI Personnel
Centralized Mailing Lists at UNI


The Seven Dirty Words
The School Athletics Center - Copernicus Education Gateway
Big Bad Baseball Stat of the Day Index - BBBW The Site for Online Sports Simulations!
St.John Student Parish
Welcome to
Making Good Talks Into Great Ones
Rainbow Cyclist @ XOOM
Rainbow Cyclist CedarNet Webpage
GOX - Naughts and Crosses for Gnome
101 Nights of Grrreat Romance and more!
University of San Diego
Jeff Sagarin's computer ratings
Easy Bake Oven Home Page
Billy Joel songs
Computer Go: Programs
Eurobasket - Global Basketball News
Official Athletic Site, Michigan State Men's Basketball
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball - League Home
Boycott NBC and Jim Gray Until and Apology and Firing Take Place!
Rainbow Cyclist CedarNet Webpage
Jim Bohy's Homepage at GVC!

John Hiatt

Unofficial German John Hiatt-Page
UBL.COM - Music's Homepage
iMusic Contemporary Showcase - John Hiatt
AltaVista: Simple Query ""John Hiatt""

Song Bites - The Fast New Game of Song Identification
Runner's World Online
New Runner
Running With Doc Sheehan - Runner, Philosopher, Author of Running & Being
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
CBOE Home Page - The Chicago Board Options Exchange
Classic TV Theme Songs
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Myk's Mad About You Commentary


Pacers: 1999-2000 SEASON SCHEDULE
The Duke Basketball Report
The Unofficial Reggie Miller Homepage
Prouty Hoops Rating System
Sagarmatha MVC Hoops Picking Home Page
Remember the American Basketball Association
Remember the ABA
College Basketball - Welcome from The Mining Co.
Brian's Unofficial WSU Shocker Page
College Basketball - Welcome from The Mining Co.
MVC - Men's Basketball Championship
Los Chucks OnHoops
Pacers "Ask a question!"
1974-75 University of Kentucky
Schedule for 74-75
Prouty System Explanation

Baseball Home Page
Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes
Spin Stats—Statistics
Sean Lahman's Baseball Archive
Baseball Prospectus Online: Analysis, Statistics, Articles, Projections, and Fantasy and Roto Information
1999 Northern League Master Schedule


Double Chess: Let's Begin!
Richard's PBeM Server
WTHarvey's Home Page — Chess
Online Chess Openings Library


UNIC-IC Investors Page
Custom Vanguard Mutual Fund Prices
Berkshire Hathaway

Pop Culture

Ultimate TV - Your Source for Everything Television (tm)
The Rockford Files Homepage
The Bob & Tom Show Across America
Underdog Home Page
The Internet Movie Database. A database of more than 180,000 titles
Cheers Trivia

Kurt Vonnegut

Original Kilgore Trout Short Stories

The Silicon Valley Tarot
AltaVista: Simple Query "Waterloo State Recreation Area"
Finally, the truth!
Indiana's Game: Life imitates art -- almost
WIBC 1070 AM: Talk Radio Stations on
Edmund's ® Automobile Buyer's Guide - pricing, reviews, information on incentives & rebates, developments in the automotive world.
Chaba: An Electronic Haiku Journal
Ball State Football -- In The NFL
K of C FSPC Software
TFGrantel's Home Page
Yuliya Gorenman: Pianist Extraordinaire
Morten's Recipe Collection
Daily Humor
The Holy See
Foreign Mellencamp CDs
The C.S. Lewis Page
The Career Connection
Mothers At Home
Top Secret Recipes on the Web
Doug's NBA & MLB Stats Home Page
Community of Blessed Sacrament

154 and Scheme

Rice PLT TeachScheme Project: Teaching Material
How to Design Programs   An Introduction to Programming and Computing            
c. lindig | tony
Fallback Index of
The Haskell 98 Report
HaXml: Haskell and XML
fxp - a Functional XML Parser
LISP Primer
The LAML Homepage
Concrete Abstractions
LISP Interpreter Applet
SILK: Scheme In Fifty KB (in Java)
Usability Issues in Programming Languages
C311 Programming Languages -- Fall 1999
Home page for Kim B. Bruce
The Scheme Programming Language, 2nd Edition
Kali Scheme

171 and HCI

Web Pages That Suck -- The web site version of the book
Ethics Integrity Training
UCITA threatens rights of consumers in the new age of electronic commerce
Watch What I Do interviewkuniavsky
IBM Almaden Research - Paul Maglio's Publications
Microsoft Trial Findings of Fact
Interface Hall of Shame
The TouchMouse
Interface Hall of Shame
Slashdot:Review: Code of Ethics for Programmers?
What if Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Manuals?
Computers, Ethics, And Social Responsibility (Roberts)
The Visual End User
"Professionalism in Computing" Site Map
Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice
Software Engineering Coordinating Committee
Go Network: Science news - Shuttle Cockpits Get High-Tech
End-User Programming Home Page
End-User/Blended-User Programming
Natural Programming

AI Stuff

Fuzzy Logic Functions (humor)
AI Stories
New Scientist Feature: Warning! Strange behaviour
>CSE 841, Grad Intro to AI
ITS'2000 Conference
CS 538 - Expert Systems
LAIR's Old FTP Site
The Generic Task Toolset
The Case-Based Teaching Architecture
Home Page of Jonathan Schaeffer
Informed Search Using Equivalent-Class Templates 1
New Scientist: AI AND A-LIFE | Creatures from primordial silicon
Stiquito: Advanced Experiments with a Simple and Inexpensive Robot - Online Supplements
Turing's "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"
The Turing Test Page
What has AI in Common with Philosophy?
Strategic Directions in AI
Remote Agent Experiment
KBS/Ontology Projects Worldwide
Jess, the Java Expert System Shell
Daydreamer: A computer model of the stream of thought
PROTÉGÉ's Home Page
CSIS 3463, Artificial Intelligence, Home page
162: Introduction to Expert Systems
Visual Employee Scheduler - Scheduling, Labor Management, Attendance
Ed Durfee'a Advanced AI Course
Cognitive Science Society
Welcome to APC/AACE
CMU Speech Pronunciation Dictionary
Interactive Systems Labs - JANUS
WebWatcher Home Page
Defining Configuring
Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Int. Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
Winston's "Artificial Intelligence" Programs
Naive Bayes Algorithm...
Official Release, Electronic Transactions on A I (ETAI)
Cribbage Program for Windows

CS and CS Education

Integrating Mathematical Reasoning into CS Curricula
NSF Funding Opportunities in Undergraduate Education
No Silver Bullet Revisted American Programmer Journal
EPIC - Tools for Protecting Online Privacy
OOPSLA '99 VM Workshop
C++ in CS1 NOT!
CS Education Research Group at UT Austin
In the Beginning was the Command Line
IEEE History Center
BlueJ - Teaching Java
Ken Reek's Teaching Support Software
List of Accredited CS Programs
Stanford CSE Library
Towers of Hanoi | by Rodin Enchev
Fwu-Shan Shieh, Auburn, AL
CS Curriculum Page
Avoiding Starvation and Deadlock
Portable Dining Philosophers
Nifty Assignments
Next Generation Computer Science 1
CS 242: Developing Object-Oriented Software with Patterns and Frameworks
Design Patterns Lab
Joe Turner's Figure Classes
Babbage's Ballet (from
CS 6398 - Design and Analysis of Educational Software
Obsolete Computer Museum
The Garden with Insight(TM) garden simulator
Gerald M. Weinberg (Jerry) Software Engineering Problem Solving Leadership , Management and Change Training and Books
CS / SE Education Relevance
KAW Mailing List
Ethics Center for Engineering & Science
Journal of Interactive Media in Education
1997 ICSE Windows on the World Newsletter
The Automated Software Engineering Conference
TCSE: Reverse Engineering and Reengineering
SIGCSE Computing Laboratory Repository
CS Education Research Group at UT Austin
Doone Publications - Technical Books with a Difference


Kevin Kirby
Primeval C: two very early compilers
Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system - Table of Contents
MSWLogo, An Educational programming language
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Mac GS Viewer -- Manual
The Linux User Interface: A Brief Overview
UNIXhelp for users
Unix Programming Tools
Apple - Products - Mac OS - Java
HTML Special Characters
The Java(TM) HotSpot(TM) Virtual Machine Architecture
Java Curricular Opportunities
Linux Resources(TM)
Linux Gazette Index Page
Linux Journal
Java Sockets
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation
Programmer's Oasis
Chris Laffra's Home Page
How do they do that with HTML?

Teaching Miscellany

ExploreNet(tm) Home Page
The Comp 311 Web Page
Comp212- Intermediate Programming
CSC 171 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSC 172 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
Tree List Recursion Problem
Parameters for WikiInHyperPerl
The Simulation Education Homepage
Online knowledge
Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium
hi-ce: highly interactive computing in education
IEEE Careers Page
Software Development as a Studio Discipline Home Page
RoleModel Software Apprenticeship
O'Reilly Academic Policy
Open Source Textbooks
Welcome to UVC
UNI Chapter of Sigma Xi
GAD Graduate Assistantship Directory Directory of Graduate Programs Index of Graduate, Post-Graduate School Programs
sci.math FAQ: What is 0^0?
The Prime Page (An Index of Information on Prime Numbers)
Writer's Internet Exchange

Cool Miscellany

Tim Rowledge's homepage
Send mail to Max Hailperin
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
U.S. Copyright Office, U.S. Copyright Law
Create your PDF
Made with Macintosh
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
ZDNet: Enter the Third Dimension -- PC Magazine PC Labs
Edward De Bono
19 Things to Do In the Bathroom Stall
Charles S. Peirce Studies
Featured Author: Ernest Hemingway
Domain Name, Trademark, and Competitive Intelligence services -- Home Page
Prometheus Bound : Study Guide
NASA GISS: The Forecast Factory
LaoTze - TaoDeJing
Bioethics Front Page

Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive
Do The Most Complex Thing That Could Possibly Work
Episodic Learner Model - Adaptive Remote Tutor
Ruby, an Open-Source Language
Code Reading and Program Comprehension Bibliography A-H
Problem Solving in Introductory Computer Science
Chapters For Review
Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG)
JOHO - May 30, 2000
Allgods Archive
Xerox Alto Archive