Research Opportunities
for Undergraduates
and Grad Students

Research Opportunities for Students

I am open to project proposals from any student on just about any topic, though I prefer to work on problems in areas that match up with my current research interests. Currently, these include software development and tools that support programmers; programming languages; patterns as a means of documenting knowledge; object-oriented and functional programming; and artificial intelligence, especially knowledge systems.

Below is a list of topics or project possibilities that may interest you. If so, please contact me to discuss the opportunity in greater detail!

Some of the projects, as described, may be more appropriate as either an undergraduate project or a graduate project. If you are at the other level but are interested, please do contact me. We may be able to frame the problem at the level required for your work. Likewise, some of these projects may be better suited to a team of two or more students. Again, we can find ways to partition the task, if you are interested!

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