Research Projects
for Undergraduates
and Grad Students

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Working one-on-one and in small groups with students on projects that interest both them and me is my favorite part of teaching! More than in classroom setting, such projects provide for growth on the part of the student and the mentor.

For many of you, working on a faculty-sponsored research project also has more immediate implications: it is the last requirement for earning your bachelor's or master's degree. But I hope that you are able to keep in mind that the benefits of a good research project go far beyond degree requirements.

If you are interested in doing an undergraduate research project or a graduate thesis or project with me, please start by reading my basic philosophy for student projects. Then look through descriptions of some past projects I've supervised. You may choose to work on a project that I suggest or one of your own design. Check out some research opportunities on some of my current projects as well as a description of how to propose your own project.

If we end up working together, please consult my section on guidelines and pointers for students doing projects with me. This section lists some of my expectations of how our work together will proceed and gives some pointers that will help you as you proceed. You will probably find this section useful as you consider whether you'd like to work with me at all. (Even if you decide to work with a different faculty member!)

Useful Links

Whether you choose to work with me or not, you may find useful these links on reading, writing, and presenting:

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