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Last Update: October 25, 2002

Functional Programming Patterns
Eugene Wallingford


These pages are for people interested in applying the ideas of patterns and pattern languages to the doing, understanding, and teaching of functional programming. This is just the beginning of what some hope will be a productive area of study. The web pages here are in a beta-release state.

Why Patterns?

Pattern languages describe how to build things. As such, patterns can be a good tool for helping the people who design them. The architect Christopher Alexander first formalized the idea of patterns, but software professionals have been investigating the relationships between patterns and software for over a decade. When done well, patterns accomplish at least three things:

Why Functional Programming Patterns?

... coming soon ... For now, see the paper cited below.

Current Work

I recently presented the paper Functional Programming Patterns and Their Role in Instruction, at the Functional and Declarative Programming in Education workshop, as a part of the International Conference on Functional Programming, in Pittsburgh. It describes some of my work using functional programming patterns in a class on programming languages and paradigms.

Here are some other resources associated with this paper:

Here are some other papers on design patterns in functional programming:

Here are some papers on OO design patterns and functional programming:


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