The Wallingford Family

My family consists of me, my wife, Mary, and our two daughters, Sarah and Ellen. I'll tell a little bit of our collective story below. Each came into my life in an interesting way...

Check out the Christmas e-card, which we sent to friends and family in 2002.

Check out our on-line family photo album for more pictures.


This is Sarah, my daughter, at about two-and-a-half years old. Sarah is a delightful little girl. She was born on Thanksgiving Day 1992 (November 26, for those of you wishing to send cards and gifts). Mary was due around Christmas time, so we decided to forego our usual Christmas traveling in favor of a Thanksgiving trip to Indiana, where we would celebrate "the holidays" with my family. All went well on the trip down, with Mary commenting how comfortable she felt. That evening we had dinner, shopped a bit at the mall, and went to bed. In the middle of the night, Mary wakes me to say, "I think the baby is coming." Being an ordinary guy who was still half asleep, I did not quite comprehend what was going on for a few minutes. About seven o'clock we got ready to go to the hospital, and at 8:07 AM Sarah was born. I gladly gave up Thanksgiving Day football.

Sarah has a wonderful personality, is most always happy, and loves to play with her daddy!


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Mary and Me

Mary and I met through an unusual set of circumstances. I had been at Michigan State for a few months and still didn't know many people outside the university. I decided to sign up for a discussion group at St. John's, the university parish. My schedule for second quarter was quite full, with TA duties, so I had considered joining a group that would meet at 8:00 PM Wednesday nights. In the end, I decided to sign up for a Thursday group, which met at 5:00 PM. Why I picked this time, I don't know, because it meant that I would have to almost run from my last lab to the church. It's lucky that I did go for Thursday -- Mary ended up being in that group, too. How she ended up in that group was also unusual: she had signed up for a later session that ended up canceled for lack of enrollment.

Sometimes fate does with us what it will.

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