An Occasional Wallingford Family Gallery

Here I post pictures for family and friends who like to keep up with us. Even with a digital camera, I don't do a very good job keeping the pictures up to date.

You can read more about our family elsewhere. And don't forget to check out my pictures from the Chicago Marathon.

Last modified: May 25, 2015


The new normal: I have not cropped or cleaned up any of these photos. No captions yet, either, just directories of pictures:


These photos are from the last week of 2013. I have not cropped or cleaned up any of these. No captions yet, just directories of pictures:


Some photos from the last couple of months of 2012. No captions yet, just directories of pictures:

(July) We recently visited Wallingford, Connecticut, which is named for the English city from which my ancestors came. Here are a few pictures from the downtown area:


We've taken a lot of pictures, but I've been too busy or lazy to post them. Here they are as raw directories...

Seasonal Updates 2006

We've actually taken a lot of pictures since early June. Here are two collections, one from the fall and one of Christmas shots. Again I don't have time to sort, cull, and caption them right now, but I do have time to make them available. (If you see two images with same name except for -rotated, open the rotated file!)

some Christmas photos
at the Performing Arts Center

pictures from autumn

The Girls' Trip to Italy 2006

Mary, Sarah, and Ellen went to Italy, May 22-June 5, 2006. They took a lot of pictures and, while I don't have time to sort, cull, and caption them right now, I do have time to make them available:

pictures from Italy

Some new pictures, from June 2005 through New Year's Day 2006

Christmas in Tennessee with Gene's family, for Cathy and Steve's renewal of their wedding vows

Christmas in Iowa

Sarah's Birthday

Thanksgiving Day

Violin Recital

Girl Scout Camp

Mary's Birthday

Sturgis Falls 2005

Happy 9th Birthday, Ellen!

Quick upload of our pictures from the family trip to Kentucky over Memorial Day 2005, where Mary, the girls, and I visited Mammoth Cave, Hidden River Cave, and Diamond Caverns with my mom and four nieces and nephews:

Ellen gave her Book 1 recital for Suzuki piano on May 22:

The girls are members of the UNI Children's Choir, which gave its spring recital in April 2005:

Ellen performed at STAC, a regional music conference, on April 15:

Easter 2005

Some pictures from December 2004.

As promised, here are some photos Sarah took on her trip to Australia. They are in folders numbered in the order they were taken, with names that reflect the location. Sarah hopes to add some commentary and captions from her journal, as time permits.

The Great Barrier reef pics were taken underwater, with a waterproof disposable camera. I have better quality image files for all of the photos (up to 20 times larger, though!) available, if you are interested.

My favorites are this one and this one -- because they include Sarah!

Here are some shots from June 2004.

Here are a few miscellaneous photos from Fall 2003.

Ellen and I traveled to Muncie, Indiana, for a reunion of some of my college friends July 18-20, 2003. On the way back home, we stopped to visit my Grandma Pierce, whom Ellen had never met. We also had the chance to meet some other members of my mom's family that Sunday.

At the reunion, Ellen played the grand piano in University Hall on Ball State's campus. "French Children's Song" never sounded so good.

Ellen went to drama camp for two weeks at the end of June 2003. These photos are from the camp's public performance on June 27.

Sarah and Ellen at Ellen's 7th birthday party, June 2003.

The Christmas e-card we sent to friends and family in 2002. It has links to some other Christmas pictures.

The girls performed in the Waterloo Community Playhouse's winter 2002 production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". Sarah played Lucille, and Ellen was a baby angel in the Baby Angel Choir. I tried to take pictures of the girls in their costumes:

Raking leaves in the autumn of 2002...

On Ellen's 6th birthday, June 8, 2002. They both look so much older now!

We took these pictures on a trip to visit my brother and sisters in early June 2002:

From our Christmas trip to visit Larry and Randi Brinker in December 2000.

From our Labor Day Weekend 2000 visit to the farm of Troy Bull's mom. (She's the one riding with the girls...)

From the Pattern Languages of Programs Conference(PLoP) in August 2000. I was the program chair for this PLoP.

From a May 1, 1999, cook-out and croquet outing on the home lawn of Troy and Tracy Bull...

Sorry -- these images were the victim of a virus. When I recover them, I'll open these links up again.

Here are some family images, circa 1999. Sarah is on the left; she just turned seven over Thanksgiving break. Ellen is on the right; can you believe she is in pre-school? The whole family is in the middle...

Sarah, 1999Family, 1999Ellen, 1999

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