C++ Code from Class


Data Structures

Fall Semester 1997

In addition to Berman's code from the text, you may be interested in the following:

  1. How to access system date and time.

  2. An example of a template class: Reader<TYPE>

  3. An example of a recursion: towers_of_hanoi

  4. An example of a recursion: binary_print

  5. An alternative version of quicksort

  6. A Simple Linked List Example (October 2)

  7. Another simple linked list example (October 16)

  8. Detecting Palindromes with a Stack (October 24)

  9. "Rank Sorting" with Queues (November 4)

  10. A "Ring Buffer" Implementation of a Queue (November 4)

  11. A Solution to Project 3 (November 18)

  12. An example of passing functions as arguments in C++ (December 6)

Eugene Wallingford ==== wallingf@cs.uni.edu ==== December 8, 1997