Programming Assignment 5


Data Structures

Fall Semester 1997

Due: by 8:00 AM, November 12, 1997

Your Task


from Laboratory Exercise 10 in Roberge. These exercises require you to complete the implementation of a List ADT that responds to messages using recursive functions. As an alternate implementation for the same public interface, these functions will give the same answers and have the same side effects, but how they accomplish these results will differ markedly.

Source Files

In order to do your implementation, you will need to download the following source files from Roberge:

Roberge's shell implementation file refers to these two files, so copy them, too. You won't need to use them for this programming assignment, but you may need them for the lab on Wednesday.

You may also want to download files from Laboratory Exercise 7, some of whose code will be useful for this assignment.


Your implementation file, listrec.C, must begin with a header block that includes the file name, your name as author, and the creation and modification history of the file. You may use this file as a template.

Submit to your instructor, by the due time and date, the following:

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== November 4, 1997