Session 7

Processing Pixels by Position

Computer Science I: Media Computation

Cool Coder Ad

A couple of years ago, this cool coder job ad appeared on the web. It uses a line of C code to tease passers-by. I get the geek points, but not the extra credit. Fortunately, we have Dr. Java to help us satisfy our curiosity. How?

Develop the habit of answering your own questions by writing code, whenever possible. This gets you answers sooner rather than later, but it also gives you more practice with your tools and Java. And this mindset is part of what it means to be a scientist.

Homework 1 Redux


No class Thursday, but... an optional session with Prof. Schafer: homework assignment, submission system, Java on home machine.

I am offering a second chance on homework 1 to complete submission, fix up code, etc. Due Thursday.

Wrap Up

The rest of the session is captured in slides and interactions.

To re-create some of what we did today, use this annotated script of my Interactions pane, and the resulting versions of If it helps, you can follow along with my slides (PDF).

For next time, read through Chapter 5.2.

Eugene Wallingford ..... ..... September 12, 2006