Homework 0

A Trial Run of the Electronic Submission System

Computer Science II
Object-Oriented Programming

Due: Thursday, January 20, by 8:00 AM


You will use an electronic submission system to turn in your homework files for grading. This "assignment" gives you a chance to try the system -- and make sure that we have the system set up properly for you to submit 062 assignments -- before the stress of a real submission come along...


By the due date and time, use the electronic submission system to upload the following files from Session 1:

This assignment is not graded. You won't receive any points for completing it, nor will you lose points for not completing it. However, if you do not complete it, then you assume the responsibility for any submission errors on Homework 1 and beyond caused by the system that we would have found here. This is your chance to be sure that (1) your username is in the submission system database, (2) you know how to use the system, and (3) we uncover any other problems that might interfere with your use of the system on real homework.

Also, because you aren't writing any code for this assignment, the homework submission requirements do not apply. However, I recommend that you read these policies now as an introduction to what you need to do for "normal" assignments.

Eugene Wallingford ==== wallingf@cs.uni.edu ==== January 17, 2005