Homework 1

A "Partial" Turing Test in Poetry Writing


Artificial Intelligence

Fall Semester 2001

Due: Thursday, September 6, 2:00 PM

Read the following on-line chapter from Raymond Kurzweil's The Age of Intelligent Machines. This chapter, entitled "A Kind of Turing Test", describes something of a "partial Turing Test" in the domain of poetry.

As defined by Turing, the imitation game allows an unlimited range of questioning. Writing a program to pass such a "total" Turing Test is far beyond our current capabilities. But we could limit the test to a specific domain of questioning, say, questions we'd ask a doctor about medicine, questions we'd ask a composer about music, or small talk about the latest White House scandal.

Kurzweil describes an even more limited test, in which humans try to determine whether a stanza of poetry was written by a computer or a human poet.

Write short essays in response to each of the following:

Submit your answers in hardcopy by the due date and time.

Eugene Wallingford ==== wallingf@cs.uni.edu ==== August 30, 2001