AI Programming Lab Projects


Artificial Intelligence

Fall Semester 2001

Home pages for this semester's projects:

Project and Link Authors
A Conservative Hearts Player Michael Symonds and Jared Gogerty
The "Who Am I?" Inductive Learner Patrick Burke and Justin Harringa
Uncle Jake's Bug Colony "Uncle Jake" Good
A Chess Player Robert Sheerer
Master Mind Reader Ryan Dixon
Learning and Game Playing Eric Potratz
Rule-Based Reasoner Natasha Pohoryelova
An Intelligent Stock Trader Mark McConnell
Resolution and Knowledge Representation in Lisp Joe Bain
A Rubix Cube Solver Shawn Brownlee
Image Manipulation and Recognizing Objects Josh Tinkham
A Rule Interpreter for Analytical Geometry Problems Diana Tanase

FYI -- Projects done Fall 2000.

Project and Link Authors
Predictor of User Selection Adolphs, Dao
A Cricket-Playing Strategist Buhrow, Jones
A Connect-Four Player Caspers, Christiansen, Duffy
A Soccer Player Evaluator Cisek
Battle of the Paradigms Janssen, Lockner
A Boundary Follower that Learns Genetically Richardson
A Genetic ASCII Art Program Schmudde
A Checkers Player Strickland

FYI -- Projects done Fall 1999.

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