Software System Submission

Intelligent Systems

Submission Procedure

You will submit your software in a single directory that bears the name of your system. This directory must contain everything necessary to install, start up, use, shut down, and test your software. You should create sub-directories as necessary to organize the files that make up your system software.

There must be a file in the top-level directory named README.TXT that describes in detail the organization of the files in the directory. Though installation and start-up procedures are described in great detail in your system manuals, restating these procedures in the read-me file would probably be a wise idea. (Who wouldn't rather get started using the software without consulting the manuals?)

Your submission should be tar'red, and gzip'ped. It should then be sent as an e-mail attachment to the instructor by the specified deadline. Your mail message should carry a Subject: line that indicates the course and content of the submission.

You should probably also provide alternate access to the tar'red, gzip'ped file via the web. Your mail message should indicate the URL, perhaps to a repository at UNI or on a free hosting site such as GitHub.

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