Project System Documentation

Intelligent Systems


The best way to document your system is to produce two documents:

For more experimental projects, you should also produce a report that documents the process you went through in developing the syste, and the results of some of your empirical work.

Your documents should be placed in a black binder with separate sections for each document. Each document should have its own title page and table of contents. The sub-sections of each document should marked for easy access.

Some of the information in these manuals will have to be specific to the computing environment at UNI, but wherever possible you should strive to make your information as general as possible (that is, applicable in any computing environment).

The User's Manual

The User's Manual will be the more frequently consulted of the two documents and will be read by users who are not necessarily expert, even in the environment in which your application runs. Care must be taken to make it concise, clear, and detailed enough to be of use. You should assume that the average reader will have little or no knowledge of computers.

This document should contain at least six sections:

The System Manual

This manual will consist of two sections:

Operations Guide

This section provides information necessary for installation of the software.

The Programming Guide

This section gives the actual details of the software modules and data files that comprise your system. It must be correct, complete, and up-to-date. It should include at least the following:

Format of the Documents

These manuals must be delivered in black cardboard binder with fasteners, as demonstrated in class. All pages must be numbered, except for the title page and table of contents. The title page should contain the title of the document, the names of the team members, the course name and number, the instructor's name, the date the document is submitted, and the department and school name. The table of contents should list all sections and indicate the pages on which they begin. Sub-sections may be listed if appropriate.

The sections of the document must be in the order listed above. Each section should be marked to indicate the person(s) responsible for writing it.

Any bibliographic references used in these documents should follow a standard format.

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