Team Evaluation

Intelligent Systems

Evaluation of the Team Project

Each team member will submit a written evaluation of each member of her team, including herself. The listing of team members will be in order of most valuable to least valuable and each team member entry will contain three items:

This feedback helps the instructor evaluate relative contributions by each team member to the project and will be used only as a guide in assigning final project grades. Going through this process is also useful to you as an exercise in critical evaluation of the project's development and each team member's role.

No one but the instructor will ever see these evaluations. Be candid, professional, and fair. Your explanations will be viewed with as much attention as the numeric ratings and must justify the ratings given.

The Evaluation Form

The Team Evaluation form [ PDF ] can be used to submit your evaluation. These will be due at the end of the final project presentations; but, since you will not be given time during that period to complete your evaluation, it should probably be complete when you arrive for the presentation period.

Eugene Wallingford ..... ..... January 12, 2011