Homework 5

Review of a Human-Computer Interface Proposal


Software Systems

Spring Semester 2001


  1. To integrate the ideas about interfaces that you have read about and worked with in class.

  2. To understand these ideas better through having applied them to the design for a new user interface.

  3. To learn more about what makes an effective design, in terms of both content and form.


Complete the following task as an individual.

  1. Read the human-computer interface paper given to you in class on April 3.

  2. Review the user interface that is described by this design. Base your analysis on:

  3. Prepare a paper that presents your analysis of the paper in a professional manner, both in style and substance.


Bring three copies of your paper to class by 9:30 AM on Thursday, April 5. Two copies must be "unsigned".

Eugene Wallingford ==== wallingf@cs.uni.edu ==== April 3, 2001